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Issue 38 Autumn 2022

A Whodunnit by Jonathan Sellars
Donít Read This Poem by Brian Mackenwells      
For the Record by Billy Craven
Stinks, Inks and Stings by Greg Beattie   
Otters by Mark Lawlor
Ah Good the Sea by Marie Crook
Splendiferous Stone Fruit by Brian U. Garrison
Valentine from a Squirrel by Alexis Tate
Kate and Shirley by Sheila Kerwin
My pages
Inside Out by Linda Middleton   
The End of Summer by Jacqueline Shirtliff
Apples for Songs by Patrick OíSullivan    
Movie Day by Camellia Phillips
Smelly Feet by Val Harris              
My Undead Brother by Bernard Pearson
At the Halloween Party by Ian Humphreys
Extra Time by Isabel Miles
The Teacher Who Should Have Listened by Fi Calvert
My New Pet by Stephen Dudas
The Sad Tale of Sammy Squirrel by Una Kavanagh
Featuring art by 
Mark Lawlor, Ralph Govan and Nancy Govan
Cover by Sarah Graham

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