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Issue 34 Autumn 2021

The Man Who Wasn’t There by Robert Schechter
Helter Skelter by Billy Craven     
Lil Witch’s Potion Stand by Annie Berke
Just Wondering by Robert Schechter
The Coolest Ghoul in School by Rebecca Gardyn Levington          
Hansel and Gretel by Melanie Branton
The Pong by Chris Owen
Water Cycle by Amy Dunjey
Thin as a Stick by Kate Williams
I Wish I Understood the World by Dean Flowerfield        
Pets Rock by Gráinne Quinlan   
My Pages
Prohibited Pet by Jay Brazeau   
Amazing Camels by Louise Gwinnett
Be the Purple Banana by Linda Middleton           
Should You Jump Upon a Horse by Colin West
The Great Joey Ho Ho by Dianne Bates
Double Duoble, Typing Trubble by Sarah Ziman
Zombie Girlfriend by Tomás Creus
A Hairy Problem by James Aitchison
There Was an Old Fly That Swallowed a Lady by Bowman Wilker
The Lass by Shirley Ann Povondra
Love Gift by Julia Webb
Alexa by Niall M. Oliver
Insomnia by Paula Thompson
Featuring art by              
Charity BakerBecca FieldingJanet Hill and Deborah Kerner

Issue 33 Summer 2021

This or That by Rachel Piercey
Herman the Hermit Crab by Christine McBeth
The Sandbar by Yetti Frenkel
Bullies by Piu Das Gupta
A Grievance by Alice Wright       
Look to the Skies by Mark Cowan
My Pages
Mom Didn’t Find it Funny by Tom Ramont
Little Miss Muffet by Philippa Rae
Ode to a Coat Hanger by Stephen Whiteside
Little Red’s Makeover by Carol Shank    
The End of the World by C. M. Millen     
An Ornithological Orthodoxy by Leila Slim            
Birds by Alexis Williams
Porky by Kate O’Neil     
Tea with the Sea by Lisa Varchol Perron
Nursery Rhyme by Judith McMahon      
Granny Version 2.0 by Stephen Comerford
Half Past Thursday by Kate Williams
Professor Pug by Kristin Delaney
Featuring art by              

Issue 32 Spring 2021

Social Distancing: A Handy Guide by Sarah Ziman
List by Harriet French    
Goodbye Water Bear by Fiona Calvert
Big and Brave by Laura Bradford
Emily by Rachel Sneyd  
Leonardo da Vinci: Curriculum Vitae by Julie Anna Douglas
20/20 Vision by Stacey Simmonds            
Note Stuck on a Post Box by Jacqueline Shirtliff
Two Brothers and a Bear by Stephanie Yu Lim
My Pages                                                           
Animal Confusion by Richard Axtell         
Poem Box by Sarah Allen             
Square by Linda Middleton         
Viva Banana! by James Carter
A Cat Has Nine Lives, A Wren Has Ten by Bill deMain      
The Cuckoo by Dominic Lopez-Real
The Cat’s Prayer by Martin Brown           
Bird Talk by Robert Schechter
The Waterbearer’s Shadow by Fija Callaghan
Seasonal Cinquains by Carole Bromley
If You See a Sunrise by Suzy Levinson
Spot On by Kristin Delaney
Family Dynamics by Michael Sands
Featuring art by              

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