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Issue 31 Winter 2020

Winterís Coming by Una Leavy
Circus Girl by Dianne Bates         
Brussels Sprouts Blues by Sharon Hammad
A Grown-upís Advice to a Child by Templeton Moss
 Ice Island by Sherry Shahan       
A Homeless Christmas by James Aitchison
Sky Gallery by Virginia Boudreau              
If We Had a Cabin by Brandon Chasteen
Here in My Heart by Sheila Kerwin
My Pages                                                           
Noah by Billy Craven      
Faux pas by Sarah Ziman              
Sticky (Tricky) Spelling by Shanah Salter
I Must Not Tell Lies by Anna-Marie Maher
I Am a Pig! by Templeton Moss
Charles the Snake by Paula Bohince
Cavemen by Chris Owen             
Writerís Revenge by Jenny Moore
Safer by Finbarr OíDonovan
Today by Maura Pierolt
Bickering by Paula Thompson
Twins by Jacqueline Shirtliff
Featuring art by              

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