Beatrice - A Work of Art by Louise Greig

I am enormously humbled to have won this beautiful prize. I hope all children find solace in stories and discover The Caterpillar as a place of wonder.

You can read Louise's winning story in the Irish Times.


Job Seekers’ Club by Jo Withers

‘I am amazed and delighted to have been chosen as the winner of the Caterpillar Story for Children Prize. Thank you so much for the opportunities you give to children’s writers through your wonderful, whimsical magazine.'

You can read Jo's winning story in the Irish Times.

The Man in the Hole by Chris Preece

A powerful and timely piece of writing that forces us to consider how we react to those “others” who turn up in our countries uninvited and unannounced.’ Mark Lowery

You can read Chris's winning story in the Irish Times.

Let's Say I Am by Richard J. Jones

I really do consider it a privilege to have a story published in The Caterpillar. There’s something a bit irresistible about The Moth and The Caterpillar, I think. It’s as if, on discovering them, you suddenly realise that they had been missing from the world – and they shouldn’t have been!’ 

You can read Richard's winning story in the Irish Times.

The winning stories are published annually in the winter issue of The Caterpillar. You can order back issues here



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