Issue 3 Winter 2013  

Winter Calls by Charles Ghigna                           
The Dragonsitter’s Castle by Josh Lacey                         
Aftershave by Sean Taylor             
The Potts and their Spots by Emma Purshouse                            
Collective Adjectives by Jackie Joseph                          
Eletelephony by Laura Richards   
Oul Squeaky and the Fox by John McManus                              
There IS a difference between renting and buying by Sarah Clancy    
My Pages                                           
Weather Monster by David Mohan      
Mal de Mer by Emma Purshouse
Fishing by Anon                              
One by Rebecca O’Connor            
Goofus by Dennis Lee                    
The Hug by Clare Reddaway          
Mrs Bailey is Dead by Sean Taylor                      
Hairy Molly by Breda Wall Ryan  
A Crocodile Called Burt by Brian Moses                     
The Garden Shed Ghost by Hazel Bowden 

Featuring art by
Nora B. Albright and Jennie Hall, Garry Parsons, Lyndsey Green, An April Idea, Shannon Alexander, Claudia Tremblay, Sandra Jones, Merchu Curutchet, JP Donleavy, Coco de Paris and Cathie Richardson

Cover by Heather Scott

Issue 2 Autumn 2013  

Two Very Short Nature Poems Concerning Flight by Paula Cunningham                
An Ordinary Boy by Claire Mulligan                      
In the Refrigerator by J. D. Smith                              
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Over the Moon by Frank Cottrell Boyce   
Dad, the Amateur Hypnotist by Mike Johnson                                 
Making Poems by Terry McDonagh                           
Graper by John Siddique                    
My Pages                                            
I’m Having a Lion for Dinner by Marie Dye                                      
Furry Tale by Éamon Mag Uidhir                   
The Mangy Minx by Jonathan Pinnock                                  
The Monsoon Escape by Bina Shah                                       
The Turkey Mouse Dream by Adam Eaves                           
Hip-hop Dancer by Hilda Offen         
The South Sargasso Salmon by Jonathan Pinnock
Clothes Shop by Ciaran Parkes           
Alakazzam by Pamela Kelt

Featuring art by


Issue 1 Summer 2013  OUT OF PRINT

A Riddle by Christina Rossetti          
All I Said Was by Michael Morpurgo                                    
Homework is Banned by Alan McMonagle   
A Week in the Life of Mr Potato Head by Scott Pack                            
Lucy King at the Library by Mark Lowery   
The Man Made of Treacle by John W. Sexton                                       
My Pages                                           
King of the Landfill by Dermot Lane                                
A Gentleman Frog by Tara White                       
A poem which aims to dissuade you from bringing your horse to Tesco byNiamh Bagnell                      
Panther by Matthew Sweeney       
Beebop A. Loobop and the really really really really really really really really really really long arm by Andrew Kaufman                                           
Sardines by Julie O’Callaghan                  
U-Pick by Janet Wong                    
Octopus by Mark Lawlor    

Artwork by Viza ArlingtonJaime HernandezHarriet RussellLinda QueallyArthur ChowJim CohenLaurel Gaylord and Dana Feagin.   

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