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Beastly Weather

Today’s forecast
After a cold and foxy start, squally cheetahs will race in from the west,
increasing around midday.
In the afternoon, a cold elephant will bring gusty southwesterly wolves 
and heavy rhinos, with the chance of a stampede in southern parts.
Top temperature: 14 degrees centipede.

A severe wildebeest warning has been issued with damaging stampedes 
expected to develop inland. 
Torrential rhinos could see localised flamingos in some areas. 
Strong westerly wolves will continue into the late afternoon, 
reaching whale force along the coast.
Top temperature: 12 degrees centipede.

Outlook for the week
As the deep owl pressure system migrates south, calm pheasant conditions 
will return to the region. 
Early morning frog patches should clear to leave bright clear cows 
and just a light, westerly bees. Further east, very cold temperatures could see snail 
flurries falling over high ground. 

And that’s the weather …

Chris Owen

(issue 27, winter 2019)

Owl by Jools wilson