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The winner of the inaugural Caterpillar Short Story Prize is Richard J. Jones, for his story ‘Let’s Say I Am’. The story meanders philosophically through the world of a child and his imaginary mouse friend, opening with ‘Let’s say I am a mouse. I’m not a mouse. But let’s say I am. What sort of mouse would I be?’
Richard has been writing poetry and stories for a long time but has not had any of them published, until now. He is a lecturer in English Literature at The Open University and lives in Milton Keynes. As well as researching eighteenth-century literature, he teaches a course for students new to studying the Arts and Humanities. His regular blog, antiphysis.com, in which he muses on life and literature with his dog Daisy, has attracted a growing (though, he says, admittedly small) number of readers.
‘I really do consider it a privilege to have a story published in The Caterpillar,’ says Richard. ‘There’s something a bit irresistible about The Moth and The Caterpillar, I think. It’s as if, on discovering them, you suddenly realise that they had been missing from the world (and they shouldn’t have been!).’
Richard received €1,000 for his winning story, which you can read in the winter 2015 issue of The Caterpillar available to purchase here. It also appeared in the Irish Times.