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Issue 27 Winter 2019

Checklist for a Spooky Walk through the Woods at Midnight by Julie Anna Douglas                             
David McQueen's Green Machine by Heather F. Reid  
Winifred Witch’s Shopping List by Suzie Moss            
Christmas Confusion by Sarah Ziman  
My Dog Pieshop by Jackie Martin            
Love Poem #4 by Templeton Moss         
Inbox by Jo Withers       
Opposites by Sarah Ziman           
Dear Brain by Tim Vosper                            
Hungry by Tamara Belko              
Batman Comes Undone by Kate Williams             
Mrs Featherstone’s Daughter by Carole Bromley             
For the Losers by Billy Sharff      
My Pages                                                           
where we got the stars from by Martin Hayes   
The Foxgut Redemption by Chase Coats              
Bones by Alan Balter
The Ogre’s Dinner by Helen Dineen        
Christmas Thumb Cake by Jacqueline Shirtliff     
The Man on the Bridge by Louise Gwinnett        
Beastly Weather by Chris Owen                
Featuring art by