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Issue 18 Autumn 2017

The Elephant by Kathryn Bousfield
When I Am Out Biking by Bowman Wilker
My Grandad’s Not a Viking! by Adam Trodd       
Great Uncle Ned by Oren Shafir          
Down the Beanstalk by Stephanie Bucklin                                           
The Impatient Storyteller by Robert Feeney                                       
Sunset Ruckus by Elizabeth Kuelbs          
Possibilities by Heather Innis     
Moon by Jenny Kuper  
Teardrop by Fiona Russell Dodwell          
My Pages                                                           
Twenty-six Words for Fire by Anne Varty                             
Facts That Will Impress Your Granny by John Saunders  
Frugal by Gale Acuff      
We Are Just the Same by Julie Douglas 
Super Bee by Julie Douglas         
The Blobfish by Moe Phillips      
Bug Meets Windshield by Diana Smith  
Jenny Gibberish by Eric Bryan    
Who’s There? by Louise O’Hanlon
Featuring art by              
Elena Sedova, Emily Honey, Elizabeth Colborne and Momoko Abe
Cover by Laura Frame