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Dear Mustafa by Coral Rumble 
The Caterpillar is such a unique and inspired magazine. Winning The Caterpillar Poetry Prize is all shades of wonderful! So honoured, and a little dazed.’ Coral Rumble

Read Coral's winning poem here

Auntie Aggie by Janet Turner
‘There were many happinesses in the poetry I read, but "Auntie Aggie" won out in the end. The opening is very strong and in-drawing. The story flies straight and trusted and there are many incidents of delight – and "bum" and "pants" seemed necessary, not merely decorative.’ John Hegley (judge)

Read Janet's winning poem here

Dear Ugly Sisters by Laura Mucha
‘I love writing poetry for children, and believe it’s one of the best ways of getting young people interested in language, reading and performance. I think The Caterpillar Poetry Prize is an important award, particularly as there are so few outlets for children’s poets, and it’s a huge honour to have won it.’ Laura Mucha

Read Laura's winning poem here

Don't Think of an Elephant by Louise Greig
‘I am quite stunned and absolutely thrilled that my poem has won the inaugural Caterpillar Poetry Prize!’ says Louise. ‘I am a huge fan of The Caterpillar and was delighted and inspired by the competition.’ Louise Greig

Read Louise's winning poem here